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Explore the unique design and dynamic lighting effects of Gosens' magnetic switch LED light gift box, bringing unforgettable surprises and joy to your holiday gifts, birthday gifts, and corporate gifting.
2024 01 04
Discover the innovative Nano Waterproof LED Strip from Gosens that combines high-quality lighting effects with outstanding water resistance for both indoor and outdoor environments.
2024 01 04
Gosens offers custom LED strip solutions for a wide range of products, including automobiles, clothing, toys, and electronics, adding uniqueness and visual appeal to your merchandise.
2023 12 27
🔥 Gosens' 2023 Winter Fire Drill & Safety Facility: To ensure safety & well-being, we'll conduct a comprehensive fire drill. Employees will receive extensive training on fire safety protocols, evacuation procedures, & communication. A safety officer will oversee the drill. We'll also explain our fire safety facilities, including advanced fire suppression systems like sprinklers, smoke detectors, & fire doors. Clear escape routes & easy access to fire exits are vital. Our goal is a safe working environment where everyone feels confident & prepared. Employees are encouraged to actively participate and engage in explanatory sessions.
2023 12 09
Zhitong Finance APP learned that Guolian Securities has released a research report stating that currently, China's Mini LED backlight televisions have achieved impressive performance globally due to the development of the LCD industry chain, with Hisense and TCL achieving rapid growth in Q2 2023.
2023 11 14
On November 8th, the lighting configuration information of the first pure electric luxury sedan under Jikron Intelligent Technology, Jikron 007, was exposed. The concept of creating a smart digital "light factory" is based on the design team of Stephen Siroff and the engineering team of Jikron, who cleverly combine advanced technology with technological aesthetics to achieve intelligent lighting interaction and full coverage of 360 degree functional scenes.
2023 11 09
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