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Mini LED's domestic and international penetration rate is rapidly increasing, with high sales volume and sustainable prospects

Mini LED's domestic and international penetration rate is rapidly increasing, with high sales volume

Zhitong Finance APP learned that Guolian Securities has released a research report stating that currently, China's Mini


LED backlight televisions have achieved impressive performance globally due to the development of the LCD industry chain, with Hisense and TCL achieving rapid growth in Q2 2023. DSCC predicts that the global Mini


The shipment volume of LED backlight televisions may exceed OLED, combined with the prominent overall cost advantage of Chinese products, and the share of domestic brands in the global high-end color TV market is expected to continue to increase. In summary, Mini


LED backlight TV has excellent display performance and outstanding cost-effectiveness. Currently, it is in the stage of price decline and rapid increase in domestic and international penetration rates. Leading companies are actively deploying, and there is still room for further exploration of its overall cost in the future. Pay attention to China Mini


Global brands benefiting from the development of the LED industry, as well as leading industry chains with advanced technology. The view of Guolian Securities is as follows: The rapid penetration of Mini LED in 2023 has attracted attention. Since TCL's global launch of Mini LED backlight TV in 2019, leading brands in the industry have followed suit. Therefore, Mini


The LED market share at home and abroad is accelerating to increase, with a particularly rapid and eye-catching growth in 2023; On October 10th, Xiaomi launched Mini LED backlight TV S


The Pro small screen version, compared to similar products, has no inferior parameters. Taking the 75 inch version as an example, it has 1152 partitions and a peak brightness of 2200 nits. However, the selling price is only 5999 yuan, making it highly competitive compared to many competitors. Current Mini


What are the competitive advantages of LED backlight televisions, whether further exploration of product average prices can fully unleash their development potential, and which brands may benefit from the increase in Mini LED backlight penetration rate, which are worth paying attention to. Excellent cost-effectiveness creates a new trend in the development of high-end television. In terms of technical principles, Mini


LED backlight is not fundamentally different from traditional LCD screens, but its individual LED size is greatly reduced, allowing for more LED chips to be arranged on the same area, dividing into more zones, and achieving finer zone lighting control according to different display requirements, improving display performance. Compared to other display technologies, Mini


LED backlight has no issues with lifespan and production costs, and can prioritize the benefits of commercialization. It can also fully utilize existing LCD industry chain resources, with outstanding cost-effectiveness. Therefore, since 2019, its penetration rate has increased much faster than other display technologies, with prices becoming more affordable. Moreover, its technology is not mutually exclusive with high-end product concepts such as quantum dots, 8K, and high refresh rates. Therefore, various brands have actively laid out their products, and Hisense has been the most active since 2023, TCL, Samsung, and Sony came second. There is still room for cost exploration, and the high sales volume can continue to increase. Mini


The price difference between LED backlight TV panels and common LCD panels mainly comes from the cost of backlight, and the higher the resolution, the more partitions required, and the need for more drivers, the further the cost of backlight and module will increase; Among the backlight costs, PCB substrate, driver IC, and Mini


LED is composed of three major components, and there are still many ways to continue reducing costs for different parts, including but not limited to using high-voltage chips, optimizing PCB materials, using irregular PCBs, and increasing Mini


LED output angle, etc. Considering that in addition to the panel, the TV also consists of chips, structural components, and other components, it is expected that there is still room for a decrease in the overall cost of the Mini LED backlight TV. As the cost effectively decreases, the Mini


The continuous increase in LED output is worth looking forward to. Risk reminder: 1) Domestic demand is less than expected; 2) Low expectations of overseas demand; 3) The prices of raw materials have significantly increased; 4) Risk of significant fluctuations in exchange rates

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