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Gosens LED strip production process

How LED strips are processed from SMD beads into finished products

  1. 1.Preparing for LED Strip SMT Mounting During the SMD LED packaging process, silicone gel is used, but it tends to absorb moisture, which can cause bracket detachment or wire breakage due to thermal expansion and contraction. This can result in many dead pixels after application. Prior to mounting, we place the SMD LEDs in a thermostatic oven and bake them at a temperature of 65°C for 1-8 hours (the specific baking time depends on the LED production time, with longer production time requiring a longer baking time, but not exceeding 8 hours).

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  3. 2.Printing Solder Paste on LED Strips First, the solder paste is warmed up and then mixed. A small amount is placed on the stencil of the printing machine, and the ideal amount is such that the solder paste reaches 3/2 of the scraper's length when it moves forward. After the first trial printing, the solder paste on the LED pads on the FPC is checked to ensure it is sufficient and evenly distributed, without excess or insufficient solder.

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  5. 3.Testing LED Strip Mounting Verify the customer's product information and check if the SMD LED model, power, and brightness are correct. Check if the resistance values and models match, and if other special components meet customer requirements. Once all checks pass, begin the initial mounting.

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  7. 4.Reflow Soldering of LED Strips Check if the temperature of the reflow soldering matches the solder paste being used. If the temperature is too low, the solder paste may not melt properly, leading to cold solder joints. If the temperature is too high, the FPC may bubble, yellow, or exhibit incomplete soldering during reflow. It may also result in solder balls.

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  9. 5.Mid-term Testing of LED Strips Perform a comprehensive inspection of the partially assembled LED strips, focusing on checking for any solder joints with insufficient or skewed LED beads, correct polarity of LED beads, uniform brightness, and any dirt or solder ball residues on the surface. Upon completion of the inspection, the assembly process can proceed.

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  11. 6.Connecting LED Strips LED strips are typically 50cm in length, and the standard shipping format is 5 meters per strip. They require soldering to be ready for shipment. During soldering, ensure that the solder joints are full and that the connection between LED strips is smooth and aligned.

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  13. 7.Aging Test of LED Strips Place the assembled 5-meter LED strips on a testing fixture and have a staff member wear special glasses to inspect the strips when illuminated. Any non-functioning LED beads are labeled as defective and remediated by the repair personnel. During the inspection, special attention should be given to multi-chip LED beads as there may be cases where only one chip fails to light up. Such cases are considered defects and need to be repaired. Once the inspection is complete, the remaining defect-free products undergo an aging test by being powered on for 4-8 hours. The staff periodically checks the strips during this period.

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  15. 8.Finishing LED Strip Production Compare the customer's shipping requirements and perform processes such as adhesive application, terminal wire attachment, and waterproofing treatment as needed. Special products may also undergo impact testing.

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  17. 9.Packaging Inspection of Finished LED Strips Based on the customer's shipping specifications, verify if the labeling information and packaging materials are correct. Before being packaged, the entire length of the LED strip needs to undergo an electrical test to check for any dead pixels. The strip is powered on and checked for normal operation 2 to 3 times. While powered on, the strip is tapped on an anti-static surface to check for any loose solder joints. Once all checks are completed, the warehouse verifies the labels and production documents for inventory processing, and the LED strips are ready for shipment.

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